DSB 1516 Lubricant Adhesive

Product Overview

DSB 1516 Lubricant Adhesive is a polychloroprene, containing soluble phenolic resins blended together with antioxidants and acid acceptors in a mixture of organic solvents. DSB 1516 meets ASTM D2835 and is typically used as a lubricant and adhesive for installation of D.S. Brown’s Delastic® Preformed Pavement Seals.

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  • Provides lubrication for neoprene compression seals for insertion into concrete.
  • Bonds the neoprene seals into the joint.
  • Lubricant and adhesive for smaller pavement seals.

Estimating Guide

Application rate of DSB 1516 Lubricant Adhesive will vary with the size of the seals. Consult the seal manufacturer for an application rate with the particular seal you are using. Typical coverage:

  • 150 linear feet of seal per gallon for manual installation.
  • 400 linear feet of seal per gallon when using the Delastall Kompressor.


Sold in One and Five-Gallon Units. One-Gallon Pail - Minimum order of 3 pails.


Typical package sizes for DSB 1516 Lubricant Adhesive:

  • Qty 3 of 1-Gallon Pail: 15x15x9" box
  • Qty 1 of 5-Gallon Pail: 13x13x15" box
  • Qty 2+ of 5-Gallon Pail: 42x42x6" skid

*Actual product packaging material/sizes/weight can vary depending on final product order quantities.

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DSB 1516 Lubricant Adhesive
DSB 1516 Lubricant Adhesive DSB 1516 Lubricant Adhesive DSB 1516 Lubricant Adhesive