DSB Pourable Pavement Seals

Product Overview

DSB 800™ is a low modulus, high performance, one-part, non-sag silicone joint sealant.  DSB 900™SL is an ultra-low modulus, high performance, one-part self-leveling, silicone joint sealant.  Each product can be used to seal new or existing concrete and asphalt joints.

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Product Usage

Each of these silicone products is formulated for use on highway, airport, parking structures, bridge joints, and other concrete applications such as sidewalks, floors and driveways.  Both DSB 800™ and DSB 900™ SL are ideal for sealing irregular joints and cracks.


Sold in cases of 29-ounce tubes, quantity 6


Typical package sizes for DSB Pourable Pavement Seals:

  • Qty 1: 17x9x6” box

*Actual product packaging material/sizes/weight can vary depending on final product order quantities.


Note: Please allow up to 5 business days for processing on all orders before being shipped.

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DSB Pourable Pavement Seals