Versiflex Neoprene Pads

Product Overview

Neoprene pads offer a simple, durable, and inexpensive way to isolate vibration/ shock, and reduce noise level for machinery and equipment.  Durometer of stock plain pad is 60 Shore A.  Neoprene pads are ¼” thick and 19” wide and available in lengths in 1 lineal foot increments from 10 feet up to 18 feet.  Neoprene pads can easily be cut to size in the field to fit your specific application.

Product Usage

Ideal for general padding, sealing and gasketing applications.  Isolation of equipment and machinery, water-stop, drainage-trough, open dam expansion joint systems.  Secondary sealing system under existing or new expansion joint systems.


¼”(D) x 19”(W) material, available in lengths of 10 - 18LF.


Typical package sizes for Versiflex Neoprene Pads:

  • Qty 1: 21x21x21” box

*Actual product packaging material/sizes/weight can vary depending on final product order quantities.

Starting at $230.00

Note: Please allow up to 5 business days for processing on all orders before being shipped.

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Versiflex Neoprene Pads
Versiflex Neoprene Pads Versiflex Neoprene Pads