Trough and Tapper Tool

The Trough and Tapper tool set is a non-mechanical tool that is designed for installation of all types of box style seals. It is comprised of three components: two outer edge troughs and one tapping hammer. The tapping hammer has a long handle on it for leverage. It has a smaller hammer head on one end of it for the placement of the smaller seals and a larger hammer head on the opposite end of it for the installation of larger compression seals. The Trough and Tapper tool is used for seals that are 1.25" to 4" in nominal width.


Typical package sizes for Trough and Tapper Tool:

  • Qty 1: 27x21x9” box

*Actual product packaging material/sizes/weight can vary depending on final product order quantities.

Price: $750.00

Note: Please allow up to 5 business days for processing on all orders before being shipped.

Trough and Tapper Tool Trough and Tapper Tool